Practice Safe Work Squirrel testimonial video: Text transcript with description of visuals

Audio Visual
(tense music and the sound of blinking)

Two cartoon squirrels are on a zip line platform high in the trees. One is a summer camper and the other is a camp counsellor.

The camper is wearing a safety helmet and safety harness and is strapped into a zip line.

The older squirrel is also wearing a safety harness and helmet, and is standing behind the younger squirrel, ready to push them down the zip line.


The younger squirrel is scared of the zip line and grabs onto the older squirrel’s shirt as he’s pushed off the platform.

The older squirrel loses his balance and falls off the zip line platform.


Not good!

As the squirrel falls he reaches out to tree branches rushing by in an attempt to save himself.

The wind catches his cheeks, blowing out his cheeks and pushing his eyelids back.

(sound of wind rushing by)

He pulls his knees and arms into his chest and with great effort makes himself as flat and wide as possible.


The squirrel starts falling slower and he relaxes.

(funky music and the sound of rustling leaves)

The words "Squirrels can survive epic fails from epic heights." appear onscreen.


The squirrel lands safely in a superhero pose and the words "You can't" appear.

He looks straight out to the audience with a confident smirk on his face as the words "#PracticeSafeWork" appear.

Oh your boy’s got some rizz!

The image of the forrest is replaced with a solid background and the WSIB logo appears above the words "Here to help people get back on their feet."